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We headed out for the next outpost from the wilderness to rendezvous with this master

We headed out for the next outpost from the wilderness to rendezvous with this master and also to rescue some holocrons and/or fellow padawans. We met with the master, a liberal sort who, surprisingly, associated that has a hunter on the savage Trandoshan race (the identical reptilian race because bounty hunter Bossk from The Empire Strikes Back), so we received our first mission: to retrieve military services weapons set of ancient holocrons that belonged to some with the earliest Jedi--one which SWTOR Credits Buy belonged on the very first fallen Jedi who took to found the evil Sith order. We wasted little time heading out to the field to search for the holocrons through the lush, arboreal forest clearing where these folks were last seen, and from the process, we did battle having a great many flesh raiders, who live a tribal lifestyle and rehearse crude firearms and melee weapons in battle. Fortunately, besides our lightsaber, our consular wielded many powerful abilities to help you her in battle.  
As we've reported previously, The Old Republic organizes your character's abilities in a very hotkey bank tied towards the number keys with your keyboard. Since the consular focuses less on melee attacks and more about Force power, the seems to rely more strongly on its Force power meter, which becomes spent with each Force power used, similar to your mana bar in other fantasy-themed online SWTOR Credits for sale games maybe you have played. Your easiest attack being a consular will be the "saber strike," a melee attack that creates your character to strike the enemy together with his or her melee weapon 3 times (Jedi characters don't start their careers with lightsabers--that comes later). Brand-new characters also start with all the "project" ability--the ability to telekinetically lift a chunk of rock from your earth below and hurl it in an enemy, dealing damage and potentially stunning the enemy briefly--along with the "Force valor" ability, which, much like in Knights from the Old Republic, improves the target's capacity various types of damage to the duration on the ability. New Jedi characters also provide the "meditation" ability, which lets your character quickly regenerate lost health insurance spent Force power.

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