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Greetings Again! In Luke 7/36-50(read);we find that the Lord has been invited as a guest into the home of one of the religious leaders who after this meeting is going to set the stage for what they plan on doing to Him!This is often how many in the Church,that as the book of Jude outlines in verses 11-13 look unto the Lord,as believers that only invite Him to dine with their ungodly and self righteous ways,that to them it appears holy but it is a holiness that attracts men who they want to honor the Lord before.

Many today do not realize the grave danger that they put themselves in and there congregation by inviting the Lord as a guest.For in John 16/8-11;we see that it is the Work of the Holy Ghost that now sets the stage for what is our warning and soon destruction if we don't give ourselves completely unto the Lords saving Grace,that he has allow to find us and bring us unto Him so He can cleanse us from all our evil and sinful ways!Many use The Word of God to draw attention unto their dead works which are things that live after the flesh,this is the reason that Simon invited Jesus into his home so he could bring attention to his popularity as a christian and his standings before Christ,but the Lord also brought a guest who all of them knew and dispised,just as they did in their hearts personally about Christ!

For soon as this woman appeared their appearance changed,and the Lord was able to discern in their hearts rightly the feelings that they had in mind for his ministry and those that He sponsored.Angry are those that invite Jesus as a guest into their lives and church life,for as in Luke 4/16-29(read)they were so enraged at HIm for how He disgraced them that THEY SOUGHT HOW TO KILL HIM!!!Again this is the sentiment of those that wear the robe of Righteousness FOR THEIR NAME SAKE,they seek to steal/kill/destroy His Presence for their own personal glory!This is also what happen in the Apostle Peters Church for in Acts 5/1-5; these same group of people thought in their hearts what they wanted to do with the life of Christ that had been invested in them,but this time the outcome would be tragically different and this should be our warning as well for inviting the Lord into our lives only to amuse our selves and others that we seek to attract as Christians,for we can only put our lives in danger by such evil as this!

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