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We played some sessions as Imperial characters

We played some sessions as Imperial characters but were advised that Republic characters would land on the globe on the other side, at Anchorhead--just a hop, skip, as well as a jump in the Dune Sea, a large tract of open desert and also a site for open faction-based player-versus-player (PVP) battles. According to Erickson, the version of Tatooine that appears inside the game (that can place thousands of years prior to SWTOR Credits Buy the events of Star Wars: A New Hope and hundreds of years following events of Star Wars:   Knights in the Old Republic) is sparsely inhabited and more sparsely governed--so it's actually not like you will find any authorities which can be interested in getting involved when a lot of players from opposing sides decide they desire to settle their differences with lightsabers.   
Our first session was being a level 26 Sith inquisitor, specialized on the damage-dealing sorcerer profession. This character were built with a ton of numerous abilities, and nearly most of them involved dealing problems for enemies through either zapping these with lightning or inflicting some almost Force-based SWTOR Credits for sale malaise that will deal damage as time passes. The inquisitor also possesses some healing and defensive skills, but for that most part, we had been too busy fricasseeing womp rats for more information on these to your extent. As it turns out, this kind of prebuilt character were built with a single companion, Xalek--a fledgling Sith who came built with damaging lightning-based attacks of his personal.

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