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MapleStory M SEA A Spurting Dark Horse for Nexon, A Blooming Dynamic Force For MMOAH Store

MapleStory M has been releasing on Android and IOS for almost five months till now. It is not a surprisingly blooming fact that this game has achieved considerable successes in many ways by its nostalgia factors. Starting with 3 million downloading records in the first week, it already reached out to 100 million approximately by now. Despite the fabulous statistics the grand game created in the past, one particular component that captured our attention is SEA servers – including Asia 1 servers and Asia 2 servers, and its performance that demonstrated after the official release. It was believed that there had been at least 50% of downloads and installations in whole MapleStory M sales records are from Asia Servers, and mostly originated from the SEA, such as Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. For those millennials in SEA arenas, MapleStory is a reflection and tribute of their childhoods back into the 1990s and 2000s. Maplestory M Mesos and even the whole sequel rocketed to top-selling titles, should owe to the connection that is built between the very beginning version MapleStory and MSEA(MapleSEA) and adolescence’s fever of budding console games ten or twenty years ago in the SEA.
Most millennials in the SEA, Their childhood was occupied with all kinds of console games and video games that featured low-quality graphics and simple framework. Lucky for Maplestory, it is the right time for him to be outstanding among his peers. With the highest playability and cutest anime design, MapleStory rapidly captured millions of SEA toddlers and kids and became a peak in the next few years. Now, after over ten years that MapleStory success shaped, MapleStory M is going to riding on the same railroad – it combines with a pursuit of mobile device’ favor trend and nostalgia of a grand old-school game for today’s young adults. Maplestory M triumph may not be a surprise at all; it’s a “shooting a turtle in a barrel” win.
Nexon did favour SEA Maplers a lot not only by establishing another version called Maplesea exclusively for players from Singapore and Malaysia after MapleStory first release in Korea. Maplestory M was designed to be more considerate and concerned about Asia players, especially SEA fans. Asia Servers on Maplestory Mobile Mesos are factitiously divided into two main servers: Asia 1 and Asia 2. Based on the stories Nexon revealed on Twitter, Asia 1 was optimized for Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan; Asia 2, however, was for South Eastern Asia. If Nexon hadn’t coincidentally run into the crimination towards THAAD(Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) Establishment in North Korea from China Authority back in 2017, China would have been added into the Asia 1 list by this time.
Maplestory M is a phenomenal success with no doubt. Fans are eager to devote more time and energy to savor and trace in the game. However, based on the facts that most of its fanatics, who generally born in the 1980s and 1990s, are engaged in adults’ lives already – jobs, family, friends, money issues… More ages to grow, less time they can squeeze out for themselves. Therefore, it’s a conspicuous conflict between “limited openings” reality and “thorough enjoyment” desire for those players. Don’t worry at all, my friends, there are a lot of ways to sort this thing out – Our recommendation is a trustworthy and resourceful dealer to provide services in MapleStory M, like Mesos, accounts, boosting services etc, with safe and fast delivery – MMOAH, a venerable and prestigious company that has a long established name in this business for eight years.

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