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MapleStory 2: How to Auto Battle

MapleStory 2: How to Auto Battle
In spite of those"adequate" equips, % boss, PDR, and range, I CAN'T DO CRAP -> NW's with around my range using FAR less PDR and percent boss can  solo tough magnus and hellux >_> in line with cherrytigers (really financed ghost ), he could barely Royal hellux with 1.8m variety CLEAN with 90  percent PDR and 300% manager...
- I love the phantom class and have a whole lot of memories linked to it... but let's face MapleStory 2 Mesos : my real Aim is always that I Need to have the ability  to solo tough mag and hellux to"self finance" my other characters also it seems like it will take WAYYYY less effort to offer a NW to that particular level as  opposed with a phantom
What are your thoughts? Any idea how much my primary and items sell for? World is BROA. Thanks a whole lot for your time guys!
In order which keeps it spoiler free, I'll consult using this type of boss as"boss".My real question is this: I cannot appear to fight the Boss. This will not be the  one which is regular, although the amount 190 one.
Either I perish an excessive amount of or deplete all of your time? Any MS 2 Mesos hints? My character is flat 176, and class bishop.Keep moving and attempt using  abilities which you may also use quickly, certainly not the ones which hit hardest.

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