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F2P Unlimited #24: Tera, Akaneiro, Path of Exile, PSO2

F2P Unlimited #24: Tera, Akaneiro, Path of Exile, PSO2…
Free To Play Unlimited with Oxana may be the exclusive webshow about free MMORPG and F2P games. The team will take you exciting  news, quizzes, essentially the most anticipated games and even more. In this episode Tera Rising is confirmed as free-to-play, Akaneiro Demon Hunters begins its  open beta, Scarlet Legacy says farewell to everyone and Path of Exile Currency announces its open beta date. Recent First Looks add some visually  compelling Akaneiro, frantic space shooter Star Conflict and cutesy browser-based MMORPG Chrono Tales. In Face Off, RaiderZ now faces great  competition with Tera Rising, as the Most Wanted game with the week is Sega's Phantasy Star Online 2. If you understand the answer for this episode's  quiz then leave it inside the comments below maybe in YouTube, and your suggestions.
Path of Exile open beta begins January 23
Grinding Gear Games has revealed how the POE Exalted Orb open beta begins on January 23. The open beta includes content from Act 3 in the  game.
Path of Exile can be a dark fantasy online action RPG comparable to Diablo and includes deep character customization, an outstanding skill tree and  competitive PvP. The independent developers behind the sport say that Path of Exile are not pay to win. To sign up towards the open beta click  here.

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