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12:02 PM   [28 Mar 2019 | Thursday]

The Importance of Solar Controllers in Solar LED Street Light

Today, new Solar led street light(CLASSIC) is very popular abroad, they can be powered by solar energy, making a great contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection.

The LED light source part of this new environmentally-friendly solar LED street light is 4.5 meters high. After special calculation, it can meet the lighting requirements of single seedlings to the utmost. The street lamps are equipped with solar photovoltaic devices and are installed at the top of the street lamps. The area of ??the photovoltaic devices of each street lamp can reach 1.3 square meters. When the sun is full, the peak output of the solar cell can be 165-190 Wp.

Each solar LED street light has two built-in battery modules that can store 230 amps of power to meet night lighting needs. However, for safety reasons, this new street light is also connected to the grid, ensuring normal use even if there is no solar energy in continuous rainy days. In addition, the built-in intelligent control system can calculate the sunrise and sunset time all year round, so that the switch can be controlled automatically.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led street lights Manufacturers.

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