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12:12 PM   [26 Mar 2019 | Tuesday]

The Main Challenges That Public Lighting Needs to Overcome in The Near Future

The city of St. Louis (Senegal) provides useful hands-on tools, including urban lighting diagnostics and operational rules and procedures. The city of Dakar (Senegal) describes three rehabilitation, modernization and public lighting(CLASSIC) development programs with a focus on solar lighting and renovation.

The host city of Ouagadougou proposes a public lighting strategy and major challenges to be overcome in the near future, including the municipal public lighting department, the Sonabel of the Power National Association and the representative of the national agency AGREE. Energy sustainability and efficiency.

In one of the highlights of the training course, participants had the opportunity to put their learning into practice through practical group work applied to the Ouagadougou area.

Team members were asked to identify the main factors in the field and propose short-, medium- and long-term lighting strategies.

The summaries of this case study give participants the opportunity to test their ability to summarize and present project challenges to less-skilled audiences.

The conference draws on the expertise and experience of each participant, providing them with insights, ideas and tools to improve public lighting management and providing solutions tailored to the specific context of the West African city.

In the context of strong urbanization, local authorities in West Africa play a vital role in public lighting.

High-quality public lighting is critical to the economic and social development of today's large and medium-sized cities in Africa.

More and more cities are seeking sustainable public policies to develop and manage their lighting networks and improve energy efficiency.

The training course emphasizes that to implement sustainable public lighting management methods, municipalities must understand the value of horizontal work and master the overall development of the city.

A comprehensive understanding of the tools for thinking, developing and managing the city's night sky is critical, as is the understanding of industry issues and public lighting financing policies.

If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click Led Public lighting.

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