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The most compelling component of Star Trek has not been within the movement and sweep of galactic politics or alien artifacts; it’s regarding the interactions between crew members over a given ship and ways in which SWTOR Credits they react to numerous struggles. Unfortunately, STO cannot really deliver that. While it tells an operating story that moves over many fun stuff from the game’s lore, my captain can never have a very lively debate together with her first officer. It’s storytelling that’s entirely aimed at plot and lore elements in lieu of characters, that is understandable at a technical standpoint instead lacking.
Of course, SWTOR produced big point of selling itself for the strength of storytelling, and… yeah, it virtually delivers on that front. There’s room to Star Wars the Old Republic Credits debate whether it’s enough to carry the experience on its very own, sure, however it is good on the whole, and supplies plenty of memorable and interesting character as well as making your character feel relevant, even whether or not this’s just in broad strokes. It does stories pretty well, basically, and it also definitely holds its own within this matchup.

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