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Inspection Problem of Crate Mould

From two perspectives, is the design of the Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) important?

Why is the internal undercut of the crate mould parts prohibited?

Can I use an external undercut to mold a part?

Define a crate mould and name an example of the mold that must be used.

What does the parting line mean?

On the crate mold parts, the inner edges and corners are more practical when sharp, or should they have a small radius? why?

Why is it usually recommended to use a slight vertical draft on deep molded parts? What should the draft be?

What can be done on the design of the crate mould to allow the part to adhere to the top or bottom as needed?

Why is it not desirable to use long, narrow holes in one piece?

What is the objection to the oblique or side holes in the molded part?

There are two reasons why the thick-walled part of the design increases the cost of producing parts.

What happens to a one or a crate mould when designing a very thin part in a vertical dimension?

What is a shrink block and when?

The advantages and disadvantages of threaded metal inserts are discussed, while the threaded portion is an integral part of the crate mould itself.

Which factors in the component design determine whether the blade should be used?

When the hob is used to make a crate mould, is the raised or recessed letter on the finished product cheaper? Is this the same when the cavity is machined?

Does anyone object to specifying thin or sharp points in the cavity design? why?

Why is it easier to get tolerances than horizontal dimensions?

What precautions must be taken when the blade is placed in the corner of the molded part?

If possible, why avoid cutting lines on curved surfaces?

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