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Dota 2 Auto Chess has definitely brought something new to the Dota 2 universe

Each piece is based on a hero from the Dota 2 game. Each game is played against eight players, although each match is 1v1, some are PvP and some PvE. It’s quickly become one of the most popular modes in Dota 2 Arcade. Drodo Studio has implemented an in game market where you can buy Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy. You won't need any APM to compete here, as all the units do battle on their own after you place them.


This is a significant achievement, considering the short time since its introduction. Dota 2 Auto Chess has definitely brought something new to the Dota 2 universe and it is being appreciated for the good product that it is. When players start the game, they will have one gold that they can use to purchase their first piece. Unfortunately, there’s not much in the way of documentation out there for it yet, and we felt we could help fill the gap. So here’s everything you need to know to start playing Dota 2 Auto Chess.


In order to have access to this market, you’ll have to join a game first. After you’re in a game, click on the Courier Warehouse icon. Players begin simply by picking a single unit from a selection of five. After that, options expand rapidly as the game gets under way, as your population cap and unit choices grow larger. It’s the highest player number any custom game map has ever achieved since the original DOTA.


But as in case of most games, the game is not straight forward. It has its complexities which make it a bit difficult to decipher and add to the fun at the same time.  If possible they should try to buy a tank-type of piece such as a warrior or mech, as they are strong in early game play. First, you’ll need to install the gamemode. Dota 2 and Auto Chess are both free, so you won’t have to spend a penny to get going.


Opening the Courier Warehouse you’ll your Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy count, a box for placing bought Candy codes and sort of a Courier Roulette. You can pick any units you like as long as you have the gold and space, and that's where team-composition strategy comes in. Dota Auto Chess comes from Drodo Studio in China, and it acts like a blend between the mechanics of the Dota 2 with custom map scenarios. For a new player, it can get very confusing in the first few games.


Although they might want to sell them for better pieces later in the game. Install Dota 2 through Steam, then launch the client. Once you’re in, head to the Arcade tab. Near the top, you should see the entry for Dota 2 Auto Chess. You can play the Courier Roulette for 40 Candy and it will give you a random Courier from its database of Couriers. Putting units of the same race and class together has powerful and often game deciding effects. You can’t exactly call it Dota 2, nor is it a game of chess.


The game starts with you as the courier. The courier is the piece that controls everything. There are a total of eight players and the last survivor is the winner. If they don’t see a tank option in the shop during the first match, it’s ok, as the first three matches are against NPCs and they should get a decent option somewhere along the line. To join a match, just click Play from the Dota 2 Auto Chess page in Arcade. Click Accept when a match pops up, then wait while everyone loads in. You’re ready to play. 

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