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Supporting System of Steel Structure Residence Should Be Unified

A large number of public buildings adopt steel structures, which cannot be separated from the natural advantages of steel structures, such as fast construction speed, high component processing precision, accurate installation size, etc. At present, there are basically no technical problems in the use of steel structures in high-rise office buildings, even high-end residential buildings ( residential public buildings ) and high-end hotel buildings. The peripheral wall can be solved by curtain walls, which can achieve good lighting and ventilation, sound insulation and heat insulation, green energy conservation, comfort and environmental protection. At the same time, the peripheral structure can also achieve earthquake resistance, wind resistance, no leakage, etc.

However, there are many problems in ordinary steel structure residence. Although the design and construction technology of steel structure residence is mature and perfect, there are still many problems to be solved in the matching of steel structure with peripheral protection system, pipeline equipment system and internal installation system. In my opinion, the reason why steel structure residence is difficult to be rapidly popularized in China at present is that there are no unified specifications and standards for peripheral protection systems, pipeline equipment systems, internal installation systems, etc. and the standard systems for steel structure residence independently developed by enterprises are also different. Therefore, it is necessary to unify the specifications and standards.

High - rise steel structure residential buildings have construction advantages, but steel structure residential buildings are not as simple as replacing concrete with steel as the stressed structural system. The main problem in developing steel structure residential buildings lies in what materials and systems ( including floors, walls, kitchens and bathrooms, etc. ) are used to match steel structure residential buildings so as to ensure that users will not have problems when using them.

In my opinion, the floor supporting the steel structure residence should have greater plane rigidity and sound insulation effect, and should be convenient and quick in the construction process; Exterior wall panels must have moisture - proof, moisture - proof, heat insulation, heat preservation, crack prevention, fire prevention and other functions; The inner wall panel shall have sound insulation effect and be flexibly installed and removed. Kitchen and toilet facilities should also be standardized in design.

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