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Star Wars: The Old Republic doubles your rewards using its latest patch

The latest patch for Star Wars: The Old Republic is doubling your rewards. Your experience? Doubled. Command XP? Also doubled. Other things? Doubled. Incoming damage? Probably not doubled, because SWTOR Credits Buy that’s not really a reward, that’s an impediment to your reward. But the ongoing events in the game will also be doubled, since the patch turns for the Nar Shadda Nightlife event likewise. So you still find more doubling. Double everything.
And it might continue. For example, guess the quantity of fixes were added for The Nathema Conspiracy? Double that number, there are plenty of fixes. (If you guessed the correct amount initially, please halve that number, then SWTOR Credits for sale double it. We have a very theme going.) It all coincides nicely using the latest movie to strike the screen, so enjoy additional rewards, to enjoy Nar Shadda, finally, enjoy yourself repeating your message “double” until it loses all meaning.

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