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Damage to The Crate Mould Needs to Be Repaired

It can be said that the damage that occurs during the use or storage of a mold for any given Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) requires a certain amount of repair. The more you use it, or the longer it is stored, the more damage it will take. The damage that occurs during use includes items such as broken cores or thimbles, shot blasting lines and worn gate areas, while the most common damage during storage is in the form of rust.

It is a good idea to save the last shot in any production run and save it with the crate mould. This provides a visual example of how to produce parts for the crate mould maintenance area. Maintenance personnel can inspect the part to determine the fit of the parting line, cavity surface condition, thimble position and other relevant information.

Allowing nozzle drooling can cause material to seep out to the A side of the cavity group. This is usually a thin material that can solidify quickly and become a hardened plastic sheet. If it is allowed to stay, it will cause serious damage to the cavity when the mold is closed.

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