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Best classes of MapleStory 2 - Tier List of characters

We bring that you list from the best MapleStory 2 classes
If you need to know consider some of the best MapleStory 2 classes then you need to take a look with this post. In this report on class quantities of Maplestory 2 we'll introduce you on the strongest and weakest Heroes currently inside Steam version of the sport. Due on the large influx of recent players, we now have prepared helpful information that shows the most beneficial class of beginners plus the strongest construction.
Keep this in your mind: All classes are over viable for occasional players, but for a number of you who enjoy when you are looking for being competitive. Therefore, we've prepared this List of Class Levels for Maplestory 2.
Best classes of MapleStory 2 Mesos  - Tier S +
Heavy Gunner will be the king in the long-range DPS with good-end gears on the maximum. This class contains the highest range, great mobility and fast and clear speed in the expense of health.
The heavy gunners select the power within the constant attack speed, that makes them use a strong wave clarity, and also good against any boss. Heavy gunners can harm archers. While the archers are fast standing, the heavy gunners tend to stay within a place and shoot death bursts at their opponent, helping to make their total DPS greater, so when you maintain an excellent safety distance between you along with a boss, you should be able to unleash an amazing number of damage.
Another advantage is the fact they possess a small healing kit that they're able to Buy MS2 Mesos drop in their own business or their allies, however it should basically be taken through the heavy gunner, since they are doing each of the work damage, he has for being safe, he'll It just isn't reliable because Priest's cure, nonetheless it is an excellent addition for the heavy gunner's kit.
Please, be aware when playing using the heavy gunners, their long animations along with their low speed of movement cause them to extremely vulnerable when attacking, so ensure you know in which you are if you activate the abilities and position yourself well, they will not be consistent AS guards Forestry when looking at keeping your distance.

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