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How to Fix HP Scanning Problems | HP Printer Support Number


HP Printer Support


Scanning problems in HP printers usually occur when the printer scanner stops working all of sudden. Display errors usually pop up stating the scanner won’t scan or the scanner was not detected by the computer. These errors can arise anytime as the actual cause behind this issue is a little difficult to identify. This issue can arise either due to hardware and software issues in the printer or due to connection problems.  You can fix HP printer scanning problems by various methods and can read them all here. The methods stand separately from each other and should not be mixed.


Various methods that can be used to fix the scanning error:


Verifying and Rectifying the Connection Error


·         Make sure that the scanner has been powered on and is getting a proper power supply

·         Now check whether the scanner has been properly connected to the printer.

·         Look out for the USB cable and secure all the loose connections

·         If you are using a wireless scanner, then make sure that the scanner is connected to your PC via a strong internet connection

·         You can also disconnect the VPN from the computer and try scanning.


Enabling the Windows Image Acquisition and Associated Services


·         Press Windows Key and the R key at the same time. This will open a Run Command Box.

·         Type services.msc in the box.

·         Press Okay

·         Now you can see a box stating Windows Image Acquisition. Select the same from a list given below

·         Once done, a pop-up pane will open. Check whether the Startup type is Automatic and Service Status is running.

·         Save the changes and restart the system.

·         Now see whether the scanning issues have been resolved or not.


Fix the Issue using HP printer Scan Doctor


HP Printer Technical Support: A scan doctor is an amazing tool that has the capability to resolve all the scanning issues that can occur in an HP printer and scanner. If you do not wish to indulge in the high and advanced technical procedure, you can just install the tool in the system and let it work for you.


·         Download the HP print and scan doctor application on the computer. Once the file has been downloaded, locate it in the File explorer section.

·         Double click on the HPPSdr.exe file and install it in the device.

·         Choose your printer and use the software to scan the issues and resolve them accordingly.


The HP Printer Scanning Issues can sometimes need technical pieces of advice. For this, it becomes mandatory to contact the HP Printer Customer Care. The experts in this field have been trained in order to handle all the queries that you have with the HP printers. The number can be accessed at any point of the day.


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