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The Structure of Household Product Mould Can Vary According to Type

The structure of the Household Product Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) can vary depending on the type and performance of the plastic, the shape and structure of the plastic product, and the type of injection molding machine, but the basic structure is uniform.

Household product mould is mainly composed of a gating system, a temperature control system, molded parts and structural parts. The gating system and molded parts are in direct contact with the plastic and vary with the plastic and product. It is the most complex and variable part of the mold and requires the highest level of smoothness and precision.

The household product mould consists of two parts: a movable mold and a fixed mold. The movable mold is mounted on the moving template of the injection molding machine, and the fixed mold is mounted on the fixed template of the injection molding machine. In injection molding, the movable mold and the fixed mold are closed to form a casting system and a cavity, and when the mold is opened, the movable mold and the fixed mold are separated to take out the plastic product. To reduce heavy mold design and manufacturing effort, most household product mould use standard mold bases.

Gating system

The gating system refers to the flow path portion of the plastic before it enters the cavity from the nozzle, including the main passage, the cold feed hole, the split flow passage and the gate.

The gating system, also known as the sprue system, is a set of feed channels that direct the plastic melt from the nozzle nozzle to the cavity, typically consisting of a main flow path, a runner, a gate, and a cold feed bag. . It is directly related to the molding quality and production efficiency of plastic products.

Mainstream road

It is a passage in the mold that connects the nozzle of the injection molding machine to the flow channel or cavity. The top of the main flow path is concave to engage the nozzle. The inlet diameter of the main flow channel should be slightly larger than the nozzle diameter (0.8 mm) to avoid flicker and to prevent both from being cut due to inaccurate connections. The diameter of the inlet depends on the size of the product and is usually 4-8 mm. The diameter of the main flow path should be increased by an angle of 3° to 5° inward to demold the flow path.

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