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IGPL 2019 Starting New Competition between Fortnite and PUBG Mobile

One more esports top tournament coming in Indonesia to be prepare for Gold Pro League (IGPL) 2019 is present series of esports tournaments that are increasingly prevalent in Indonesia. 2019 IGPL will take place in a fairly long span. The long duration is set in the interest of participants who are booming, thus making the organizing committee conduct a tight selection.

Understandably, IGPL 2019 compares two numbers that are considered to be shining brightly, namely PUBG Mobile. The two numbers have a growing base of players and fans. Inevitably, IGPL 2019 has a high competitive level. As a result, hundreds of gamers from all over Indonesia will compete with prestige for achievement, plus a total prize of $20K. You can get
According to the IGPL 2019 Operation Manager Event, Chris Zainal, the high demand to become a participant has been seen since the beginning of the opening, especially in the PUBG division. At that time, in the span of a week, more than 125 teams had registered.
"It is very surprising, because our expectations are not like that. Now, the number is certainly more, and this is what makes IGPL 2019 quality very high, because the champions have passed a long obstacle, both in PUBG Mobile and," he explained .

New Heroes Coming in PUBG:

The popularity of PUBG as an Android and IOS game is indeed quite shining almost all over the world including Indonesia. In fact, this one game has recently gotten a place as a game that was included in the Esport sports event.
The thing that makes the popularity of the game continues to increase is certainly not only that, with the presence of new heroes who keep on updating it certainly becomes an interesting thing from this one game. Some time ago, Moonton released his new hero Fighter role with the name Badang.
However, Chris revealed, the committee would only choose 60 teams to compete. This selection is based on the completeness of the documents and conditions that have been determined. "Currently the registration for the division is still open and the committee will choose 64 teams (320 people) for this 2019 IGPL," he said.
IGPL 2019 adopted a league system, so the organizing committee divided into two phases. In the PUBG Mobile, the first phase is underway, the funds will be completed by 31 March 2019. Meanwhile, the PUBG division will be held on 5 April - 5 May 2019.
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