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Justin Calvert - A Welcome Console Future

The enduring availability of Star Wars aside, few things amaze me as regularly as comments from people that are dismissive of games simply since they employ free-to-play as opposed to fee-to-play models. It's true that there are loads of examples of free-to-play games available where the word "free" feels as being a misnomer or which placed you at a significant disadvantage if you don't play which has a credit card, but an increasing quantity of free-to-play games are monetized a lot more POE Items agreeably. The "pay-to-win" mantra of free-to-play detractors would more accurately be replaced with similar to "pay-to-progress-more-quickly" or "pay-to-play-with-a-different-outfit-for-your-character." For by far the most part, though I doubt either of these will learn.
    I'm a huge fan of playing games without needing to pay on their behalf first.
I really hope that free-to-play games still thrive, though, only if because I'm a major fan of playing games and never having to pay for the kids first. If I determine that I really like these games I'll invariably find a way to throw money at them (I've purchased League of Legends skins, World of Tanks camo Buy POE Items options, Hearthstone card packs, and further storage space in Path of Exile to mention but several), but it is rarely motivated by some need to gain an edge over opponents. You could definitely debate that Hearthstone card packs do just that, but those self same card packs may be earned in-game without cost and I'm sure there are many players with legendary decks who haven't spent a penny. I haven't bought an unfair advantage, I've merely paid to speed up the task of gaining cards because I don't have the maximum amount of time to experience as I'd like.

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