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The devoted priest is one of the five classes present in Neverwinter

 The devoted priest is one of the five classes present in Neverwinter. Skilled healer, he accompanies groups of adventurers to provide life, damage, armor and other bonuses. His help is precious. Named Cleric in English, the devoted priest is one of five classes on Neverwinter. Handling magic like little, this class is endowed with many powers to help members of its group. Between care, increased armor and health and large damage bonuses for the group, the priest is clearly in line with the classes called support.

What to expect when you choose the devoted priest? First of all, keep in mind that your role will not be to do a lot of damage, but to increase the power of your group. A significant asset for difficult dungeons. It's a class that will quickly become a must-have, whether in PvE or PvP. Let's talk about PVE, precisely. The main capacity of the devoted priest is care. As the level increases, he will receive more and more abilities and techniques to heal the group. And it is with a symbol and an icon that he fights.
The main fault of the priest during the leveling phase is his armor. During the first 40 levels, it is relatively easy to solve quest dungeons with his companion (which will be the tank of course). But past level 40, the damage inflicted by the priest is not enough, and those received begin to be significant. We must try to find companions who offer to help you, or even a group with whom to do the quests.
RPG and MMO fans are used to finding chests in their games, sometimes with a legendary reward and sometimes with an old pair of dwarf socks. Neverwinter is no exception with treasure chests that can be looted. More seriously, Perfect World has presented a crate that makes you want and that could be a collector edition of the game. For the moment, only 400 of these chests were made and only a few privileged people could see this beautiful box.
And this morning, we were able to get our hands on this one. So we were able to detail the contents of this box, at least after our editorial director tried to show us his skills as a thief trying vainly to pick the lock. Forced with the keys, it's better, but tell the person who can fire you overnight just because you criticize his left hands.
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