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Production Technology Characteristics of Prefabricated Modular House

The production technology of prefabricated homes china developed by us can be used to replace the traditional brick-concrete structure, frame structure and even shear wall structure. It is a " all - around" reinforced concrete building structure system and is suitable for low-rise and multi-storey buildings. Its main features are:

1. High prefabrication rate, less on-site wet operation and improved construction quality. The prefabrication rate of the whole building can reach about 90 %, the quality standard of the components is very high, and the amount of wet work on site is very small. Using our proprietary technology, the difference in the quality of the building can be reduced, the components can be easily connected, most common quality problems can be eliminated, and the overall performance of the building is good.

2, the construction is fast, the operation is simple, and the construction is safe and civilized. Factory production conditions have been improved, production efficiency is high, large-scale machinery and special tools are mainly used on site, which is simple and easy to operate, labor intensity is low, there is no large amount of construction waste and waste water, noise pollution is reduced, outdoor aerial work is few, construction site is safe and civilized, and the speed is fast. Generally, a two-story 200 - square villa can complete the main construction in 5 days, and occupancy can be completed in 15 days from construction to fine decoration delivery.

3. Saving materials and labor, reducing consumption and achieving remarkable economic benefits. Factory production does not run, emit, drip and drip, maintenance water can be recycled, energy is saved and consumption is reduced, component surface smoothness is high, component surface plastering can be omitted, paint can be directly applied or ceramic tiles can be pasted, exterior wall doors and windows, thermal insulation decoration can be completed at one time, building materials and labor are greatly saved, and turnover materials of site templates and scaffolds can be effectively reduced in cost.

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