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Fix HP Printer Printing Only Half Page Issue


HP Printer Customer Support Number



Even though using and accessing a printer can be really easy, but it can turn out to be complicated when it is attacked with some sorts of errors. The device runs on different types of software and network that helps you to get the desired printing output. Sometimes when the components or the print driver software installed in the system gets damaged, one can encounter different errors. The printer driver software might have turned outdated or there can be an issue with the printer spooler, and this can lead to HP printer errors such as half-page printing. It is not necessary that you immediately dial the HP Printer Customer Service Number  to get a solution for this issue, as you can first try about working on rectifying the solution on your own. And you don’t need to worry about going to different places for a solution, as this blog will provide you with one.



This error is usually caused when there has been a problem with the printer spooler. A printer spooler is technically a program which manages all the print command jobs. With the help of this program, one can delete the print jobs in the queue and can give the command to the printer to print pages. If the program is not working, then it can lead to the issues of HP printer printing only half page. And for fixing this issue, you need to implement the given solution.



How to fix the issue of HP printer printing only half page?


·         Tap the Windows Key and R key together to open the Run command

·         After that type ‘’services. MSc’’ in the box and tap on ‘’open’’

·         Now you need to search for the Printer spooler entry.

·         After that, select the printer spooler with a right click and then select ‘’stop’’

·         Do not close the particular window and navigate again back to the start menu.

·         From that search the “My Computer” or “This PC” icon and then select the Windows Explorer

·         Select the C drive and located the print spool folder. You can follow the given path also, which is CWINDOWsystem32spoolPRINTERS

·         Select the files from the folder and delete them and also cancel the print jobs in the Queue.

·         Move back to the window that you had opened before and then just restart the printer spooler.

·         After that try printing any test page to see whether the issue has been resolved or not. You can print any previous document that you have saved in the PC.



HP Printer Phone Number: If the issue is resolved, then it was for sure an error with the printer spooler, but if the issue of HP printer prints half page still stands unresolved, then it can be a problem with the printer hardware. For that, you need to look for a solution to resolve the hardware issues and you can take the certified HP Printer Tech Support Number help in that matter.



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