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Putian steel structure project has realized factory and large-scale production

Now steel structure is more and more widely used, and Putian steel structure engineering naturally involves in this more and more. No matter in what environment, steel structure should be honed to pieces to become a really good steel structure engineering.

Steel structure engineering in atmospheric environment is affected by sunlight, sandstorm, rain and snow, frost and dew as well as changes in temperature and humidity throughout the year. Oxygen and moisture in the atmosphere are important factors causing corrosion of outdoor steel structures, causing electrochemical corrosion. Industrial gases contain sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, etc. Although these components are very small in content, the corrosion hazards to steel structure engineering cannot be ignored. Among them, sulfur dioxide has the greatest impact, and chlorine gas can damage the passivation film on the metal surface. These gases dissolve in water and become acidic, forming acid rain and corroding metal facilities.

In view of various fields, we should take corresponding protective measures, whether anti-corrosion or fire prevention. In a word, only by protecting the steel structure engineering can we make our tomorrow more brilliant.

The development of the steel structure engineering industry can be summarized as insisting on expanding and strengthening industries and enterprises. The industry is made up of enterprises, without which the industry cannot be bigger and stronger. For us, development is to strengthen the industry and enterprises. The transformation of the development mode of steel structure industry needs to adapt to circular economy and low-carbon economy.

Today is not what it used to be. Steel structure engineering has the advantages of fast construction speed, less construction pollution and light weight. These advantages make it the future development trend. Today, many buildings have begun to use steel structures. Steel structure engineering has realized factory and large-scale production. Compared with traditional construction engineering, it has short construction period, less on-site labor, high labor productivity and easy quality assurance.

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