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What is an expandable container house?

Expandable container house uses its main space to make many parts (rooms) mobile. After the houses are transported to the site, they are slid out and fixed. This creates a larger building space and saves on shipping costs.

The container house is similar to the building, and the surrounding and the partition wall are leveled. It is best to use reinforced concrete, which is relatively strong. Then the column is used to connect the frame with the transverse beam, the upper partition, the outer wall panel and the door and window frame; , then put up a layer, then go up the roof truss and roof slab; finally install doors and windows, etc., pull the vertical support. There is also sanitary ware, hardware and the like.

In fact, this is a light steel structure, similar to a heavy steel structure factory.

Container concealed concealed project refers to the part of the construction process that will be covered by the next process after the completion of the previous process. The parts that cannot be inspected after completion are used for room decoration. The “concealed project” is the key if the concealed project "Not doing well, the surface is decorated beautifully, but also in vain.

"Concealed works" can be divided into water installation, electrical installation and moisture, waterproof and other projects. Each of these projects cannot be ignored. If any problem occurs, it may bring serious economic losses and even harm to personal safety. Waterproof engineering construction process and material identification to avoid unnecessary economic loss and damage.

The container house has the advantages of quick installation, convenient movement, many turnover times and long service life. Can be widely used in large construction engineering sites as well as commercial, civil, military areas. Our container house products can be set as detachable container houses, welded container houses and shipping containers.

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