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MapleStory M: How to Get Equipment

Some folks can say courses are unbalanced due to rapid hitter classes and we could take Dojo as example. I think Dojo is the best example I can use here. And the videos of people soloing chaos vellum. You can see MaplestoryM Mesos is unfair right? Why most classes can't hit"about" same damage for a cappion quickly invisibly exactly the same funds? I can easily blame this current cap damage system.

Talking about small minority of cappion gamers (on end game boss), the majority of these players really break ToS to get there and to get some of them they've cap damage on more than 1 character! Too addicted to damage ? They risk everything to get there and yet, a number are not banned or perhaps a couple temporary bans but still not perma-banned!!

Perhaps a few paying gamers receive cap damage just by paying his own cash for NX money from cubing (that is a really small part of gamers ) and for certain of them, if they cap other characters, they might purchase more NX OR really purchase NX using meso.

Seeing this, in addition, it generates many prohibited trades, even if NX>meso transaction existed for more, directly or in kind of transactions via leech or other. Now this game becomes so much pay2win NOT simply because of all Nexon, but also some gamers mindset. For this reason these trades exist.

Just a reminder, there are also various kinds of non-paying players AND paying players.Non-paying gamers:*Players that are casual and take their time to earn achievments and esteem ToS. Players who are hooked on damage but not enough for not respecting ToS,particularly skilled in-game, can achieve stuffs faster and using every lawful ways. In-game to get slowly funded but not as much as paying players and who dont honor ToS.

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