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How to teach your kids to take good care of school backpacks?

 If you do not want your kids to ruin their school backpacks and if you do not want to buy the school backpacks too frequently then you need to teach your children how to take good care of their backpacks. You need to be firm here or else you will not be able to put that discipline into their head.

Establish right at the start the backpacks you are purchasing for them should be used for a minimum of one full year and if the backpacks are ruined before that you will not be buying them a new one until the next back to school season. If this message sinks in most of the issues here would be resolved.

However you could demand this from your children only if you provide them with the best quality backpacks. When you are ordering the backpacks make sure that you are picking the best wholesale backpack store. You get good quality products from good stores. Failing to pick the best suppliers will result in series of challenges along the way and you will end up in regret. Therefore it is worth investing the required time right at the start.

Wholesale backpacks will help you cut down the cost per backpack by 90% and you will be able to get your backpacks for $3. You will also have surplus backpacks when you order from a wholesale store. However all these should not give your kids the impression that they could ruin the backpacks and go for a replacement from the surplus.

Do not expect your children to automatically know how to take care of the backpacks. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach them all the basics. Show them once or twice how to organize the books in their backpacks. If you do not teach them the basics they will try to simply stuff the backpacks beyond its capacity and that is when the stitches in the bag will start opening up reducing the lifespan.

Your kids should understand that their backpack is not their toy and especially the zippers are not to be played with. Children love to play with the zippers of the backpacks. This increases the wear and tear and they are ruined fast. Once the zippers are gone you will not be able to use the backpack. This is an important area that needs to be focused upon.

Ask them to clean the backpacks regularly by emptying them fully and clearing all the dust the backpack has been collecting with days of usage. In case you are washing them make sure that the bag does not go into the dryer and instruct your kids also how to wash the backpacks correctly, what to do and what not to do if they are old enough to take care of their own washing. When you do all these things you will increase the chances of the school bags lasting for at least one full year.

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