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Prefabricated buildings conform to the development trend of green building industry in the future

From the start to the full cap, the xiong'an new area Citizen Service Center project, with a total construction area of 99600 square meters, took only 1,000 hours. Prefabricated homes china has once again refreshed people's understanding of future buildings.

The Significance of Prefabricated Buildings in the Construction of " Green New Town" in Xiong 'an

" Green ecological livable new city" is the primary orientation of xiong'an new area, and " building a green intelligent new city" is its primary task. There is no doubt that 80% - 90% of xiong'an new area will be fabricated buildings. Because the overall planning progress is very fast - the prototype of the new city will appear in 3 years and the construction of the starting area will be completed in 5 years. The time requirement will promote the application of prefabricated buildings in the future construction of xiong'an new area. Taking a 30 - story building as an example, it takes only 180 days for 12 workers to use prefabricated building technology, which is at least 30% faster than traditional construction. However, the 1,000 - hour civil service center project, which basically completed the construction of the main structure, has proved the importance of prefabricated buildings in future buildings in xiong'an new area.

Why are prefabricated buildings so popular with xiong'an new area?

Prefabricated building is a building assembled with prefabricated building components on the site. Take Shenghao House as an example, the prefabricated building systems that can be realized at present include: cold-formed thin-walled light steel building system, modern light wood building system, heavy light steel hybrid building system, cold-formed thin-walled partition wall and enclosure wall product system.

The advantages of these building systems are fast construction speed, little restriction by climatic conditions, saving resources and energy, reducing construction pollution, saving labor and improving building quality. To put it figuratively, these building systems are the components of beams, columns, wallboards, balconies, stairs and other components needed by the building, which are all pre-produced by the factory and then transported to the construction site for assembly and combination. Simple, fast, reliable and guaranteed.

This is also the main reason why xiong'an new area, China's millennium development plan in the future, chose prefabricated buildings. In the near future, green industry, new energy industry and artificial intelligence industry will gradually replace traditional industries. Prefabricated buildings conform to the development trend of green building industry in the future and are the inevitable choice for the construction of xiong'an new area and more cities.

As the real future protagonist in the field of architecture, prefabricated buildings are developing vigorously in all aspects.

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