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12:56 PM   [16 Jul 2009 | Thursday]

Awareness of Evil Influences on Christians

The lack of awareness of satanic influence within the lives of Christians is a very unfortunate circumstance. It is no accident that the New Testament speaks about Satan and his followers in great detail. We are being warned of the unrelenting efforts of Satan to affect our lives. Many people that claim Christianity believe that they are protected from the constant efforts of Satan to influence them, but this is not correct thinking. In fact, just the opposite is true….. A nonbeliever is of less interest to evil spirits because these people are doing what Satan wants anyway. These people represent no threat to the agenda of evil, and so they are left alone from the onslaught that a Christian faces. It is true that Satan cannot cause a Christian from attaining salvation, but he does not want that person to be a good example to others….


It is very unfortunate that more effort is not given to assisting Christians in understanding the problems faced by satanic influences. Jesus speaks of Satan often, and Paul gives us much information concerning the methods used by Satan against us.


Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”


Paul continues and explains that there is warfare taking place of which we should be aware and prepared to fight. Dismissing the effects of evil in our lives creates problems that confuse many. The amount of discussion of Satan in the New Testament is given to us in order for us to be aware and able to withstand this treatment. Many find it difficult to believe that God would allow His people to be attacked by evil, but this is not correct. There are many reasons that this harassment is allowed, but the reasons are peculiar to each one of us. There may be a lesson that we must learn, or we may need chastisement, or many other reasons that God feels necessary. But, until we become aware and understand that we are being attacked, we are in no position to rebuke the effort. Awareness is the issue, and gaining understanding from biblical lessons helps us to become aware.


Much of the unpleasant events of our lives can be reversed by understanding that Satan has a large part to play in the reasons for our problem. Satan will do all that he can to bring us down and out of alignment with biblical instructions. The very first human experience described in the Old Testament is Satan creating doubt into the mind of mankind. He is very much aware of our weaknesses and will use everything that he can to cause us to be bad witnesses for the church. He will use family and friends and all sorts of devices to create stress and anxiety in our lives. And, this will continue until we realize that it is actually satanic in nature, and then we can begin to fight against it.


We should consider the fact that even Jesus was not immune from satanic attack. Satan waited until Jesus had been in the desert for forty days and was at His weakest moment, and then Satan moved in and attempted to persuade Him to move out of alignment. Satan offers Jesus food, power, money and celebrity; all of the things that people are looking for today. We see that nothing has changed in all this time, people are persuaded to overlook biblical doctrine in order to acquire these things today.


Once again, we find an example of the necessity to unify the church so that we can defeat the attempts of satanic influences upon the world. Every alteration made to biblical doctrine is a success for Satan, and it reduces to power of the church….The Old Testament does not mention Satan as often as the New Testament, but offers stories that illustrate the affects of satanic activity. The exception is the Book of Job in which we see direct encounters between Satan and God. What we do see in the Old Testament is the affects of evil persuasions within the governments of those days. It is not any different today, and the only hope that we have from the insanity of the actions of the governments of this world is Divine intervention. The church of God must come to Him as a unified institution and ask for the corrections that only He can accomplish…..


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