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Prefabricated building structure design optimization

In recent years, with the advancement of urbanization, the demand for architecture has gradually increased, especially for prefabricated buildings. Although the national government has issued policies to clarify the standards for prefabricated building design, it is due to relevant staff. The understanding of the design concept is not thorough and does not give full play to the role of the fabricated building structure.

1. Seismic performance

Today, when natural disasters occur frequently, the most important point of any building is its good seismic performance. Through research, it can be found that the prefabricated concrete building structure can be roughly divided into two types, one is fully assembled; the other is semi-assembled. Regardless of the assembly form, the degree of assembly does not affect the overall stiffness of the building. Only the stiffness of the stressed members and the stiffness of the joints can affect the structural stiffness. If their stiffness is not up to standard, the safety of the building users will be greatly threatened after natural disasters such as earthquakes. Therefore, the stressed components should be upgraded. Node stiffness. At the same time, there are multiple node forms in the prefabricated building, and the influence of different structural stiffness will not be different, especially the seismic performance has some differences. Therefore, in the process of designing the prefabricated building structure system, it should be strengthened and realistic. The connection of the situation enhances the seismic performance of the building structure.

2. Design points of the assembled building structure

Feasibility and usability are the key points in the design of fabricated building structures. At the same time, in the design, we must first pay attention to ensuring the superiority of architectural design and paying attention to the loss of energy through professional, standard and fine design under the premise of ensuring the functionality and safety of the building, providing people with a comfortable and comfortable. Building environment. Control the structural height, irregularity and structural complexity of the building to a reasonable extent. In the preliminary design process, the building design must fully consider the building materials, structural system, structural arrangement, parameters, etc., and fully compare the various design schemes from the aspects of feasibility and economy to obtain the optimal design. On the other hand, according to the relevant national standards, the structural design is accurately calculated to ensure that the risk is in a controllable range during the construction process.

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