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Container construction is environmentally friendly

Building an expandable container house may be one of the most valuable experiences in your life. The two advantages of using containers to build houses are cost saving and building houses at incredible speed. Just like traditional residential buildings, buildings with containers still have defects. You still need a building permit to build a container home. Make sure you apply for the license in advance to avoid any delay! Finding experienced contractors may be challenging, but it can be overcome persistently.

The bold and innovative ideas of container houses have many advantages. First of all, using container construction can save costs. The cost of houses built by second-hand containers is significantly lower than that of traditional houses with the same usable area and space. Secondly, container construction is environmentally friendly. Reusing transport containers actually reduces the impact of using traditional building materials such as bricks, cement and wood. Building a " green" house also saves considerable energy, otherwise metal containers need to be fused together when abandoned.

The container structure is designed to be exposed to heavy loads, harsh weather conditions and regular rough handling. Therefore, they use it after construction to ensure lasting projects. In addition, the transportation box complies with ISO standards and is easy to stack multiple layers ( layers ) in transportation and storage. This function makes it easy and safe to build multi-storey houses. The benefits of housing containers also come from their structural strength: they are ideal for harsh conditions and difficult locations. Because the modular components are welded together, they can make perfect container houses in high-risk areas of hurricanes and earthquakes.

PTH, headquartered in Keqiao District of Shaoxing City, has more than 200 emplyees and a long history. In 1998, PTH began to produces steel structureal parts. In those 10 years, PTH production emphasis has gone through the transformation from the production of door and window fittings to the protecting system of houses, then turns to the building structure , and finally upgraded to integrated housing production. After ten years efforts, the first container house was finished and exported to New Caledonia in 2008. Meanwhile,PTH gradually becomes a leader in the Steel Structure industry. Now, its main products can be divided into four categories, which are steel structure building, light steel villas, container house and Double-C Structure. The annual production capacity for different types of buildings can reach 500,000 square meters.

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