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How to Jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick


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Amazon Fire Stick is the latest device to join the home entertainment industry. It has the external look of a USB pen drive and is equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

Thanks to the Amazon Fire Stick users have access to all of their Amazon content and can access it on the go using a compatible TV. Even though Amazon has so many features it comes at a price. The user always wants more and tries to come up with ways on how to bypass software requirements so that they have access to more advanced features. That, in a nutshell, is what is meant by jailbreaking an Amazon Fire Stick.


Users must keep in mind that although jailbreaking is not technically illegal it may violate the terms and conditions of the manufacturers. Before proceeding to jailbreak your device it would help to contact Firestick  Help Customer Service for more information regarding the legal and ethical issues of jailbreaking. When attempting to jailbreak your Amazon Fire Stick you need to first install certain third-party applications, like Kodi. Here are some tips on installing Kodi, the app that will show you how to jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick.


How To Download And Install Kodi?


Kodi is a popular app that is used to jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick. Kodi is an application that uses third-party add-ons to give users greater access to entertainment content. Just follow the steps below to install Kodi:


·         Open the settings on your Amazon Fire Stick

·         Select ‘Device’ and go to ‘Develop Options’

·         Give permission for Unknown applications and for ADB debugging.

·         Go to the applications settings and turn off ‘Collect App Data’

·         Before you continue you need to download an app called ES Explorer.

·         You can go to the ‘Amazon Application Store’ and download the app.

·         Once ES Explorer has installed open it and go the ‘Favorite’ section.

·         On the left, you will see the +ADD menu.

·         ‘’: Enter the given address in the pathfinding

·         When the name field appears type ‘Appstarter’ and click the ‘Add’ button.

·         You will need to download Appstarter by clicking the new bookmark.

·         Now just open the file and select the AppStarter API android icon to complete the installation.

·         Once this is done you can begin downloading Kodi by navigating to the ‘Updates’ section of ‘App Starter’

·         You will see an option that reads ‘Update to latest version’, clicks on it and complete installing Kodi.


Once Kodi is installed on your Amazon Fire Stick you can open the application via the ‘Installed App’ list.  As it was mentioned earlier in the article, users are warned that when you jailbreak Amazon Fire Stick you may violate the warranty provided by Amazon. This can put your device at risk of a virus and open it up to attacks from hackers. You can call the Firestick TV Tech Support Number to know more about the implications of jailbreaking a device.


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