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Connect MapleStory to your MapleStory M accounts

It is worth noting, but that Auto Fight is only available for 2 hours per day at no cost. Following that, you will want to purchase Auto Battle Tickets if you want to continue to utilize this feature in MapleStory M.Maple Mobile Mesos : How to Repair Illegal Program Detected Issue.

It's one of your most dreaded fears, and now it's here before your very eyes:"illegal program was discovered". Not only is it lacking in grammatical sophistication -- periods are important, guys -- but it forbids you from accessing MapleStory M.

So what gives? Why are you able to access the game perfectly unimpeded, simply to get this warning pop up now, of all times? The very first thing to realize is that the app detection process isn't ideal; it'll miss things upon launch sometimes, and catch it later on.

The most obvious fix, clearly, would be to uninstall any cheat programs you might have on your apparatus. Anything that is made with the goal of hacking or altering the game should be uninstalled immediately. Otherwise, you run the chance of your account being banned indefinitely. Be aware that you don't need to be operating these programs during gameplay for them to be discovered; when the scans detect itis your only option.

The prohibited program message is known to activate in mobiles that are rooted or jailbroken. If your telephone is second hand and you are unaware of its background, this may possibly be the case, too.As a last fix, try reinstalling MapleStory M and relaunching it without any other programs running, even ones that are entirely unrelated to hacking. You may have an benign program that is somehow triggering the warning.

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