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What should I know before choosing a suitable mattress?

The happiest thing every day is to lie on the mattress and rest after a busy day. Only when you have good sleep can you have a healthy body. It can be seen that the quality of sleep directly affects your health, and the mattress directly determines the quality of sleep. If the mattress is too hard, it may block the blood circulation of the human body, and if it is too soft, it will make the spine of the human body unable to keep straight and stretch. Therefore, to promote sleep health and have good quality sleep, one must choose a good mattress.

How to choose a comfortable mattress? How to choose the suitable function mattress fabric? Here's Rongli mattress to tell you:

1. Understand the standard of healthy mattress

Health mattresses meet three criteria:

( 1 ) No matter what kind of sleep posture one is in, the spinal column can be kept on the same horizontal line, so that the spinal column is not easy to deform.

( 2 ) the pressure is equal, the mattress can effectively support the weight of the human body, and at the same time, it can disperse the pressure of the human body and promote the human body to sleep quickly.

( 3 ) The materials selected for mattress production, through strict quality control, can prevent formaldehyde and other substances harmful to human body from the source, so as to ensure the real health of sleep.

2. Understand your sleep habits

( 1 ) mattress hardness

According to the sleeping habits of the Chinese people, most consumers are accustomed to sleeping on hard mattresses. Hard mattresses have good support for the human body, keep the spine straight and promote the relaxation of the muscles of the whole body. If you sleep on a bed that is too soft, the compression of your body weight will cause the bed to be low in the middle and high around, which will affect the normal physiological flexion of the lumbar spine, causing contraction, tension and spasm of the lumbar muscles and ligaments, and further aggravating lumbar discomfort. This is decided according to your usual sleep preferences.

( 2 ) to understand their sleep habits

Many people do not know what their sleeping posture is. In fact, the most natural sleeping posture is the posture that the human body usually takes when sleeping. Lie down in your usual sleeping position and look for a mattress that can provide sufficient support to your shoulders, waist and hips and keep your spine on the same level. There are also consumers who are used to sleeping in the three postures of lying on their side, lying on their back and lying on their stomach. However, whichever posture is suitable for sleeping, it is better to choose a hard mattress.

3. Select mattresses according to different age stages

Generally speaking, for groups such as children or teenagers, it is advisable to choose brown mattresses. Brown mattresses are hard in texture and have strong support for human body. In particular, the elderly need to pay special attention to their sleeping habits. Mattresses that are too soft are prone to collapse and difficult to get up. For the elderly with gradually loose bones, it is better to choose mattresses with higher hardness. Ordinary adults have higher requirements for the comfort of mattresses, so it is also possible to choose a softer mattress.

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