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6:34 AM   [16 Feb 2019 | Saturday]

The Best Chin Up Bars of 2019

 After 15+ hours of research and careful sorting, we have gone through the exhausting list of the Best Pull Up Bars for 2019 so you can quickly get to the best. Nothing beats getting clean reps in on a reliable pull up bar, without the lurking thoughts of “Is this going to break/fall on me?” By the end of this article, you should know which of these pull up bars is right for you.

Nothing beats a Chin up Bar with quality design and manufacturing. If you’re looking for the best deal on the market, and have a decent amount of money to pay for it, this is the one.

This Particular Body Champ multi-station comes equipped with 4 different stations for dynamic upper body/ab workouts. You get to use your full playbook of exercise trampoline with ease on this station. I personally love the ability to choose between archer pull ups and dips without having to move around or switch stations.

The built-in push up bar, pull up bar, and dip bar on a sturdy structure make it so much easier to experiment with new exercises without feeling like you’re going to break your equipment.

One thing you’ll have to consider when buying this Stand-Alone pull up bar station, as with most, is the assembly. While the durable D-Frame makes it incredibly stable, you do have to make sure that you tighten down the pieces properly. If done improperly, certain intense exercises may cause the station to wobble.

If you are into calisthenics exercises and want to get to the next level this is for you. It is also ideal for climbers, swimmers, or people who rely on their upper body strength for maximum performance.

It’s also worth noting the relatively low price compared to similar stand-alone pull up bars. Higher price tags don’t always mean higher quality products and the Body Champ VKR1010 Multi-Station is a good example.

The company Body Champ has been around for a significant amount of time (over 20 years), so you can trust that they’ve had experience in quality production.

We liked this pull up bar’s unique design and surprising strength, despite having no screws. Nothing beats not having to buy more equipment to effectively perform similar exercises. You can do dips on the ground and modified/inclined pushups with this particular model.

I’m guessing if you’re considering getting a pull-up bar you probably don’t weigh more than 400 lbs- but even if you do- it can handle up to 440 lbs! It is designed to accommodate all sizes including taller individuals. No more having to ball yourself up or lose perfect form to use a pull up bar.

Another cool feature is the non-slip foam to protect your hands from calluses and keep you from losing grip during those nice static hold.

That being said, one downside to this particular model is the wider dimensions. The one valid complaint that we found was the fact that this model doesn’t fit all doorways. You need a doorway with slightly-wider dimensions for it to work. It goes without saying that this is something you should check before committing to buy it.

Also, if you’re a stickler for details, some users have found that this pull up bar may cause small indentions in your wall due to excess pressure/weight. A quick side note is that if that is a concern, you may want to consider another pull up bar different from a doorway pull up bar because most of these doorway-pull up bars will leave at least some sort of impression on your frame.

On the upside, the Manufacturer trusts in his/her product by backing it with a US Warranty. I, for one, always feel safer swiping my card or clicking “confirm and pay” when I know the product has more than a 30-day warranty.

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