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How to tell if it is a sandwich car seat cover?

The choice of sandwich fabrics is generally divided into several grades. In the outermost layer of mesh, the hole is small, and the price of the fabric is relatively low. The thickness of the sandwich fabric on the market should be 3-5 mm. If the fabric used is low grade, the thickness is It is about 2 mm, and the touch is not good.

As the name suggests, the car is designed to give you the seat cover that corresponds to your seat structure. The difference in size is 0.3-0.5 mm and it is not made of any elastic fabric. Therefore, the size requirements are very good, unlike the car seat cushion, the general type is mostly.

I believe that the riders know that the elastic fabric is very common on the universal seat cover, but the defects are very large. After the length is long, there will be a loose situation, which gives the visual effect is particularly bad, and the sandwich fabric There is no flexibility, so pay attention.

Generally, the sandwich fabric is all-inclusive. There are many manufacturers who use the fabric on the backrest of the seat instead of the sandwich but the elastic cotton. There is also a rubber band on the headrest cover. The real special car should be the magic. Sticking, the rubber band will be tight as time goes by, and it will not look good at that time.

In addition to these points, it is to look at the weight of the product, the sandwich of inferior products is light and thin.
In general, the seat cover, the size requirements are very high, because the loose is too ugly, if you sit up, if you move, it is even more wrong. This is especially true for sandwiches that are not elastic.

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