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It is necessary to analyze the hardness and height of the mattress

The attitude of exquisite luxury goods is focused, so that every reader with high pressure can quickly understand the needs of professional matching mattresses. Learn how to find the right one in so many function mattress fabric.

First, mattress hardness analysis

Regardless of the hardness and breadth of mattress brands, under the premise of the same material and technology, the core of a mattress is matched with the specific configuration of the mattress, which has met the demands of users. Domestic terminals tend to have a hard sleep or a moderate sleep, but the support must be good. Therefore, if it is not especially used to a soft sleep, it is not recommended to start with foreign brands of mattresses, you will find an interesting phenomenon that the softer the sleep, the higher the retail price of the terminal.

Second, sleep height analysis

The overall height of the bed and mattress ranges from 47 cm to 55cm, which is in line with the scientific sleep height of domestic terminal consumption, or is relatively scientific in that the overall height of the bed and mattress is equal to or less than 3cm higher than the knee according to the height of the user.

The domestic bedstead is usually arranged with the skeleton at a height of about 33cm from the ground, so the height of Simmons, a domestic mattress brand, is mainly in the range of 20 to 22cm, and the height of Simmons, a foreign mattress brand, is in the range of 25 to 30cm. However, its high-end series basically follows the rhythm of foreign brands. You will find that the higher the mattress, the higher the retail price of the terminal.

According to objective analysis of scientific sleep, it is recommended to arrange skeleton beds regularly for the following reasons:

1. The structure of the storage box bed is relatively complicated, and the bed body is not convenient for daily cleaning.

2. The storage of the box bed affects the ventilation of the bed body.

3. The bed of all-solid wood storage box with top materials and workmanship will return to the blue sky in 2 to 3 years. The bed will also have mold and other conditions, which will make it inconvenient to clean and the bed is weak and breathable. In addition, external factors such as humidity will aggravate the severity.

4, mattress product attributes, 20 to 25cm can give full play to the height of mattress comfort and functionality

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