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How can I start a Relationship with God?


Have you at point asked why you often feel detached from God? Of course, I do and chances are you may have too. Well, it has been said that relationships are the vital part of human experience. Without them, life ends up being useless. Our lives comprises of various types of relationships such as friends, relatives, neighbors, rivals, and even strangers. The real truth is that, everyone of them will contribute delicate blend of relationships that shape the way we experience life. Obviously, experiencing a relationship with God is a crucial part of the equation. However, there’s a downside to all these relationships, and constantly it leads to quarrel and major issues as we interact with others. Entering into a relationship implies giving up the freedom of going it alone. Rather than making major decisions, we are forced to amend our plans to include the desire of others and to be honest, it’s an ongoing struggle. The same thing happens with God. On the one hand, we need a meaningful connection with our Creator and on the other hand, we would like to do things our own way.  So, in an effort to establish great terms with God, we ask the question, “What do I have to do?” We need to evaluate the ways we can win God’s support. We’ll pursue the rules, attend church, and give some money—whatever it takes to be good enough. Unfortunately, our true intention is just to live our lives our way as much as could be reasonably expected without giving up the relationship we requires so desperately. We need it in both ways.

Relationship with God- Life, Hope, Truth
This wondrous gift of grace is extended to everybody. That implies God has a special place in his heart for those who have burned themselves out endeavoring to work their way to God’s support. When we finally give up stubbornness and place our faith in God, we receive his forgiveness of our sins and enter into a new relationship with our heavenly divine.

There are no magical formulas, mystery passwords, or expand ceremonies for beginning this new relationship. Many people mark the occasion with a humble prayer of confidence to God. Prayer is only  a reflection of what we believe and feel in our souls and the words don’t need to be well-expressed.

Here’s a simple example:

“God, I need to start a relationship with you.  I have realized that, my selfishness and sin have acted as a burden in the way since where it counts, I simply need to live life in my own way. But, I’m getting tired and I’ve ended up in failures. And so, now I realize that what’s been missing from my life is you. I place my trust in you and thank you for not giving up on me. I feel excited about growing in this new relationship with you. I understand it won’t always be easy and I know you’ll keep on trying to change me, and I’m going to trust in you. God, thank you for your amazing grace!”




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