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What our gamers are searching for

Even though Old School RuneScape won't play on mobile phones throughout the inaugural jubilee of OSRS, the birthday itself is worth a party.

A look back in the last five years at a special museum can u buy gold on runescape mobile . Kemp:"All new content that has been inserted in these five years has been provided a place. From quests to equipment and out of new training methods to personalities.

"Players will also be able to get a particular sword during the occasion. And not merely a sword, but that from the logo of RuneScape! After all those years that piece of artwork will eventually come back in the game."

Five years is quite a long time, but Old School RuneScape has survived the years unscathed. Player numbers continue to grow and RuneScape mobile has to turn into the best way to an even larger audience. So up to ten decades?

"We are here in order to stay, to not live from year to year and hope for the best." On the question if this also means that microtransactions like RuneScape 3 will appear in the long run, Kemp is resolute:

"No. We've got a fantastic idea of?? What our gamers are searching for and MTX doesn't belong there, unless they change their mind, there'll not be any cosmetic or microtransactions in Old School RuneScape."

In the introduction of the Old School servers it was only possible to play as a paying member. Nowadays you can also roam around OSRS from the world of Gielinor without registration. If you would like to earn the entire world your playground, you will need to draw on the wallet exactly like before. The customer can be downloaded from the RuneScape site, but playing at the browser remains potential.

Runescape is coming to mobile devices best place to buy rsgold , together with the Old School edition of the favorite MMO rolls out a long-awaited beta evaluation to iOS users this past week.

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