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12:53 PM   [23 Jan 2019 | Wednesday]

LED Public Lighting Definition Project Scope

Led Public lighting(Classic) For large cities, or large customers such as mining or logistics companies, it may be economical to convert all street lights at once. Larger cities often find it more practical to complete projects in stages.

The scope of the definition project is best as follows:

Complete the review of current street light inventory and lighting levels. In many cases, the city does not have a complete and up-to-date understanding of the range of street lighting inventory. Ideally, this includes:

Each pole has a GPS position.

The style of the luminaire on each pole (eg "cobra head"; "decorative acorn"; "decorative teardrop").

The light source and wattage of each fixture.

Determine ownership and maintenance responsibilities for each luminaire (if not a municipality or service provider).

Typical illumination levels and uniformity provided by each type of luminaire on each type of road. If needed, a lighting designer with road lighting experience or a representative of some street lighting manufacturers can help you.

Evaluate the city's internal resources to determine if you have the ability to complete a complete street lighting renovation program.

Identify funding sources

Once the list is complete and the scope is determined, it is best to carefully consider the source of funding early in the process. Today, the initial cost of LED street lights is much higher than HID lamps. They usually take years to save energy and maintenance costs.

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