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Turning an Essay on Myself into a Winning Personal Statement

A personal statement for the medical school that you are applying for may be cumbersome to work out, but remember that it is one of the most important requirements for admission.  Your “myself essay” will tell the admissions committee something about you that cannot be seen on your other credentials, such as your undergraduate records and your Medical School Admission Test or MCAT scores.  It is practically your voice in the admissions process when the interview is not yet on the way.  To help you come up with an excellent “myself essay,” here are some “essay on myself” writing tips.
Focus on your strengths
The admission process for medical school is usually a very competitive one, so you can just buy course work online and save your time.  Do not forget that you will be competing with people with similar or even higher undergraduate grades or MCAT scores.  Therefore, like in any other competitions, you should always put the best foot forward.  While stating your weaknesses is not entirely discouraged, it would preferable if you focus and “advertise” your strengths and other achievements in your “essay about myself.” Write about your skills and talents, particularly those that you deem are important characteristics for a medical professional to have.
Show your unique side
Always remember that you are not the only applicant for admission to a particular medical school.  Most schools have limited slots for admission, but they also more often than not receive hundreds, if not thousands, of applicants yearly for those slots.  And yes, all of those applicants try to offer their best foot forward.  The best way to get noticed among the other applicants is to make a good first impression by showing that you are unique.  You can do this by discussing out-of-this-world things that you have done in the past, even your plans in the future.  Just tell them something about you that will set you apart from the others.
Show your excellent writing skills
One other sure way to get noticed and be unique is an excellent essay.  While most schools have limited word count for each personal statement, the number of applicants still means that the admissions committee will have to endure reading lots of essays.  Boring them with your writing style may of course jeopardize your admission.  You must make sure that your essay is finely written with no technical or grammar errors.  And you can do it with lots of practice.
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