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The luxury brand Gucci, which makes the business celebrities crazy, the classics stem from a mistake.

In 1951, great-grandfather Gucci bought the house on Dyeing Street and opened the second factory of Gucci. The first one was opened in the Quichatini section of Binhe Road. As soon as I got to the place, I quickly ran to the second floor, where there were many luggage models and designers. I climbed up to the high chair in front of the workbench, licking my legs, holding my hands and looking at the busy staff around me.

Designer Mario is preparing to cut the Replica Cheap Gucci Handbag model. He first cut out the cardboard, then cut it on the artificial leather, and finally moved the knife on the leather he chose with his father. I remember a special kind of leather, which was a kind of beaten wild boar skin, which later became a characteristic element of Replica Gucci Leather Bags, which is what we now call the striped skin. But it all stems from a mistake.

My grandfather had been to a tannery in Scotland, and the man in the tannery showed him the sample of the wild boar that was scheduled. They took a piece of leather to see their grandfather, and I was very sorry to say that the leather was dirty and there were spots on it. However, my grandfather saw that the leather was very beautiful and natural, so I decided to buy it back and forth to make suitcases and backpacks. The result was a blessing in disguise.

In addition to collecting canes, Grandpa Vasco is still an antique fan. He often goes to London and travels all the way from the United States to South America to travel around the world. He collects many old objects on the way. He likes everything that has a sense of time, and buys it and brings it back to Florence. These objects are the source of his inspiration for design, and he is also used as a personal collection in the office on the upper level of the store on the New Viña Road in Florence.

In the final step, the worker will print a small number of numbers in the Fake Gucci Bag For Sale so that if the bag has problems, the producer can be found. Finally, put a cute and small metal card in the inner bag and carefully wrap it with the finest paper. In this way, in 1947, the famous 6633 bamboo bag was born.

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