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Out of the Wilderness

 2017:  We have been delivered from the place of wandering, of sameness, of the known & of the twiglight.

2014:  We came out of "Egypt", enslaved to harsh masters of reality & sin, with more desparation than Hope in our hearts. But there was Love and Unity to comfort and shelter us.  We joined minds and broke apart fears and hurts and laid bare our crimes before each other and the Lord. 

We were healed and protected and provided for.  We trusted only God and each other and delighted in every manna fall and drop of Grace He lovingly gave.  We grew in confidence and comfort and human security-- until we grew into stone.

We were unshakable, but also unmoveable.  We knew all we needed to and did what we had to as arms & legs, mind & dreams, and even faith began to harden and decay.  The rot was all around us, yet we stood our ground; must not break out - too scary, too impossible, too painful...

Then the world of stone began to slowly crumble, and the dust fell around and settled over our eyes.  The yearning to break free seeped slowly back into our hearts, and a bit of old courage awoke-- and whispered to us of the Promised Land and Milk and Honey. 

Only 2 over 20

Every man of comfort and every woman of discontent had their eyes closed before the door to the Promised Land was opened.  Only 2 wanderers over the age of 20 were there when the gates of promise were thrown open. All the other stones with dust-covered eyes & hearts remained as they had become. 

These 2 loved & served the Lord wholeheartedly.  They distrusted Fear, had no respect for Impossible, needed no path other than the Knowledge that their feet would find purchase just as it was placed. They could hardly believe what they were seeing......

We came though the gates and our eyes were washed in His Glory .  The beauty of it made us weep. His voice, His face, His creation evident all around.  The Land Is Yours, Take it,Tame it, Love it an Make every step out of Love for Me.

Regard comfort as bane, suffering as joy.  The Struggle is LIFE; the impossible is Denied. He will put the path in place just before you foot lands. See with HIS eyes,  you do not need your own.  Feel with His hands, your own will grow stiff.  Walk on His feet, your own will fail you; Strive with His strength, you are too weak.  Think with His mind, you own will lie to you. Grow with His Spirit, you are empty of your own.  Love with His heart, yours will have limits.  

And you will live in the land of Promise all of your days.




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