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Pay Attention to Avoid " Black Cotton" when Purchasing Cotton Mattress

Mattress is one of the necessities in people's daily life. Its quality has a direct impact on human health. At present, there are three major types of mattresses commonly sold in the market: brown mattresses, spring mattresses and cotton mattresses. Consumers can choose suitable mattresses according to their own economic conditions and hobbies. Due to the high price of genuine mattresses in the market, some high-quality mattresses are often troubled by fake and inferior mattresses. Therefore, the author introduces several simple identification methods for consumers to refer to when purchasing brown cushions, spring cushions or cotton cushions.

1. From the product logo to see the pros and cons of mattresses

For genuine mattresses, whether they are brown cushions, spring cushions or cotton cushions, the product logo has the product name, registered trademark, name and address of the manufacturing company or factory, contact telephone number or fax number, and some also have qualification certificates and credit cards. The vast majority of mattresses sold on the market without factory name, address and registered trademark are inferior products with low quality and low price.

2.Judging mattress quality from fabric workmanship

Apart from cotton pads, brown mattresses and spring mattresses have relatively beautiful mattress fabrics. High - quality quilted fabrics have consistent tightness, no obvious wrinkles, no floating lines and jumper wires. The seam edges and four corners are well-proportioned with circular arcs, no burr is exposed, and the floss is straight. When pressing the mattress with your hands, there is no internal friction sound, and your hand feels crisp and comfortable. Poor quality mattress fabrics often have inconsistent tightness in quilting, such as floating threads, jumper wires, uneven seam edges and corners, and uneven floss.

3.From the internal materials to see the advantages and disadvantages of spring soft mattress

The number of springs used in spring mattress and the diameter of steel wire determine the softness, hardness and moderate of spring mattress. Press the surface of spring mattress with bare hands. If the spring rings, it means that there is a quality problem with the spring.

Judging from the interior materials of the mattress, whether the spring has undergone antirust treatment, whether the spring is rusted, whether it uses old sacks or mouldy flocculent fiber padding materials opened by leftover bits and pieces from needle textile factories and garment factories, and whether it uses plastic ropes to position the padding materials. If it is found that the spring is rusted, the inner lining material is old gunny bag or flocculent fiber products opened with industrial leftovers, then the spring soft mattress is definitely inferior.

4.Pay attention to " black cotton" when purchasing cotton mattresses.

" Black - heart cotton" is a substitute for inferior cotton. The " black cotton" mattress is a mattress filled with fiber industrial leftovers, medical fiber wastes, regenerated fiber substances, waste clothes and other waste fiber products. One of the following characteristics of mattress filling is " black cotton" mattress: the content of impurities or short fibers below 16mm exceeds the national mandatory standards; Contain unwashed animal hair or wool; Containing bleached fibers or other substances; Does not meet the relevant health requirements in the national standards; Contaminated by toxic and harmful substances or moldy.

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