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Void Knights' Outpost

 The Void Knights' Outpost is a small island in the very south of the current map, just south-west of Ape Atoll. There are three ways to reach the Void Knights' Outpost. The first one is by talking to the Squire on the pier at Port Sarim.

The player can get a charged Amulet of glory and 30 coins. Then, with the glory, teleport to Karamja, and pay the 30gp fee at the customs officer, or for free if using the ring of charos (a) (requires finishing the first part of the Garden of Tranquility quest).
The second way is to run to the southern area on Port Sarim with the Squire.
The third way to get to Void Knight's Outpost is to use the minigame teleport system and select the Pest Control option and then teleport.
The official Void Knights' Outpost world is 344.

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A bank - The closest to Port Sarim and many places accessible by ship, by a free boat journey.
An anvil - The Smith can repair Barrows armour. This makes the island more popular for that reason alone.
Void Knight Archery Store - Sells both arrow tips and javelins from bronze to rune.
A rune shop - Sells all elemental, mind, chaos and death runes.
Void Knight General Store - Sells ration packs, which can be used to heal 10 Hitpoints.
However, the main feature of the island is Pest Control (the bottom island in the picture), a co-operative multi-player Combat minigame. See the Pest Control article for more information. The landers at the south side of the island brings players to the Pest Control island when there are 5-25 players in them.
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