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Mark Madden: Steelers must excise destructive Antonio Brown

That sounds as being a one-way ticket to Palookaville, although the Steelers would ought to absorb a $ million cap hit as long as they Brown. But when a bum tooth hurts bad enough, you obtain it yanked even though your insurance stinks.
The Steelers won’t get equal return for Madden Overdrive Coins Brown. He will fetch a late first-round pick at best, very likely a second-round pick.
Every team thinks it may fix a difficulty: “It’ll be dissimilar here.”
But Brown should make even essentially the most cockeyed of optimists tread lightly, along with good reason. He will behave a similar wherever he goes. But at his next stop, Brown won’t contain the cachet he piled up during his nine seasons in Pittsburgh. The citizens are going to be quicker to anger, in particular when Brown, at 30, sees his play decline sooner, not later.
It’s absurd in the event it’s said how the Steelers, or Rooney, or coach Mike Tomlin, or team leadership “let” Brown act as he's. He’s a grown man. He’s responsible, period.
Brown could have operated Buy Madden Overdrive Coins precisely the same if Chuck Noll was coaching. (The situation can have come into a head much earlier.)
Here’s hoping Brown would go to New York. Brown’s shenanigans + New York’s usual not enough patience and tact=slapstick that might dwarf so what happened in Pittsburgh.
Rooney left himself one minuscule out regarding Brown’s likely departure: He said he'd speak to some with the team’s leaders regarding the situation.
What those leaders really think could be interesting. Especially quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

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