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I Believe I Can Soar: 2x Drop Rate in Maplestory 2


            Complete the daily quest multiple days in a row to obtain an increasing quantity of rewards.

        Competing from the Rocket Rider mini-game to enhance your Rocket Booster Points more.

            Fly through 3 separate levels and collect falling items to have Rocket Booster Points, mesos, items, EXP, and buffs!
            Avoid various obstacles that may Buy MS 2 Mesos stun, blind, or confuse you!


    When you make use of Gunpowder in MapleStory 2 Mesos items, they have the opportunity to apply one on the following buffs on your character:
        I Believe I Can Fly: 2x Rocket Booster Points earned
        I Believe I Can Touch The Sky: Weapon ATT/Magic ATT: +10.

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