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What is the difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics

What is the difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics?

1. Different organizational structure

Knitted fabric: The yarn is sequentially bent into a coil, and the coils are sleeved to form a fabric. In the longitudinal or transverse weaving, two kinds of fabrics appear, the horizontal weaving is called weft knit, and the longitudinal weaving is called warp knit.

Woven fabric: It is made up of two or more sets of mutually perpendicular yarns, which are interwoven with warp and weft at a 90-degree angle. The longitudinal yarn is called warp yarn, and the horizontal yarn is called weft yarn.

2. Physical and mechanical differences

Knitted fabric: physical and mechanical properties of fabric, including longitudinal density, transverse density, square gram weight, elongation properties, elasticity, breaking strength, wear resistance, curling, thickness, dispersibility, shrinkage, coverage, volume density.

Woven fabric: The physical and mechanical properties of the woven fabric, including the yarn density of the warp and weft, the hem, the front and back, the reverse wool direction, and the fabric coverage.

3. Ddifferent fields of use

Knitted fabrics: t-shirts, T-shirts, sportswear, sweaters.

Woven fabric: shirt, suit, down jacket, jeans.

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