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The biggest characteristic of prefabricated houses is " fast"

Building a house is a very troublesome thing. Buying all kinds of building materials and asking construction workers to worry about it cost a lot of money and takes a long time. Now the countryside no longer needs to build its own house. Now it is popular to let factories do it directly. After it is finished, it will be a small villa. This is really great. You can formulate various design schemes, give full play to your imagination and make the ideal home. Let's take a look at light steel villa house.

This kind of house made by the factory is called integrated house, which means that the white point is to divide the whole house into several functional categories and then each category is divided into different numbers of structures and unit modules. These structure unit modules can be directly made in the factory. After all the structure modules are finished, they can be taken to the construction site and installed according to the drawings, which is very convenient.

At present, there are three kinds of integrated houses: color steel, light steel structure and wooden house. Colored steel is most commonly used in large construction sites as mobile houses, which are easy to disassemble and reusable. The light steel structure house is the light steel villa that everyone talks about, and the unit module can be built in a few days after the factory is completed. The wooden house is even simpler. It is made of wood, even the load-bearing components of the house are made of wood.

The biggest characteristic of the above-mentioned integrated house is " fast". The building is very fast. Once you have the design drawings of the house, you can hand them over to the factory for fabrication. After the structural modules are completed, they will be installed at the construction site and completed. In this way, you don't have to buy your own materials, hire workers and so on. It's very worry - free.

The integrated house is also very environmentally friendly. As the house is " built" in the factory, a lot of garbage generated during construction is avoided, and the modules of the house can be recycled, which is very beneficial to the people.

The light steel villa in the integrated house has good thermal insulation and shock resistance. The unit modules manufactured by the factory contain thermal insulation layer and thermal insulation layer. The built house can ensure warm winter and cool summer in most areas of the country and is very comfortable to live in. In addition, the light steel integrated house uses light steel joists as the load-bearing structure of the house, and has strong toughness. It can be said that an earthquake of magnitude 8 will not cause any damage to it, and it is very safe. How do you like to build such an integrated house?

Zhejiang Putian Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. (also known as "PTH") has been dedicating itself to one-stop solution of low-rise prefabricated houses. The service ranges from architectural design, production, storage and transportation to installation instructions and after-sales service etc.

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