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Play the free Slot Elektra

 Play the free Slot Elektra and try your luck. The special symbols, bonus feature, free spins and the progressive jackpot will accompany you there

Game Description
Elektra is one of Marvel's deadliest and most attractive characters, which is why we are particularly happy that software giant Playtech has developed a Marvel character based slot machine. As Marvel title this video slot offers not one, but four progressive jackpots, which you can incorporate as a dweller. It hardly needs to be mentioned at this point that we are big fans of the Marvel Jackpots!
When Elektra moves to the United States with her family, she enrolls in the same university as Matt Durdock (Daredevil), and that's how it came about. The two fell in love and formed an inseparable couple from now on. The relationship did not turn out to be quite stable when Elektra Daredevil left to become a professional assassin working for the dangerous Kingpin. You've probably already noticed that Marvel's character likes to appear in the stories of the other Marcel characters. This results in a sense of connectedness and meaningfulness of the Marvel universe rather than individual characters that have no connection.
Technical characteristics
In terms of technology, Playtech has rarely surprised us when it comes to Marvel slots. Slot machines usually consist of 5 wheels and that's the way it is with Elektra. The 20 paylines give you plenty of opportunities to hit the progressive jackpot, which is one of the biggest pluses of Marvel slots.
The symbols that you can see on Elektras slot machine are all taken from the arsenal of the dangerous young woman. This arsenal is not so much firearms as silly weapons as throwing stars, and bow and arrow. These symbols allow you to make the most of the winnings in the game, including the poker symbols you already know from other slot machines. The design of the icons sets the Ninja theme, with which Elektra is associated as an assassin, well in scene.
Wagers start at $ 0.01 and end at $ 100, which is handy if you want to cash in on big wins. But remember too, playing at the machine is always volatile, and you sometimes lose a few rounds before the big win comes!
Bonuses and profits
In most Marvel slot machines, the logo of the slot machine is also the scatter at the same time. There is a scatter gain if the logo occurs at least twice on the reels. With three scatter symbols, the bonus game starts, where you have to select a weapon that can bring you up to 14 free spins. Depending on the weapon chosen, these free spins will also be equipped with a multiplier. So choose the weapon wisely!
Of course Elektra should not be missed. What is more obvious than to infiltrate Elektra as a wild symbol in the slot machines. Elektra comes, however, is a bit picky and appears only in roles 2, 3 and 4. Elektra also helps you hit the jackpot. You know that a wild symbol replaces all other symbols except the scatter and is therefore very important.
When you start the jackpot game, you can win one of four jackpots. These jackpots range from a small jackpot to the two middle jackpots to the mega jackpot, which is often in the millions, because all Marvel Jackpot slot machines are connected to this jackpot. So you see, it's worth playing with Elektra!
Elektra, a popular Marvel super heroine, who is not only very handsome and has been the main character of a movie, has been given a dedicated slot only by the well-known developer of video slot machines. The machine features wild symbols, a free spin round with weapon support and four power progressive jackpots. And those are just an addition to the regular grand prize of 5000 coins!
The theme of the video slot machine Elektra
Marvel does not readily license its brands, so it can be assumed that all features are made as good as possible. The overall design of the game was kept in the color scheme red and black, as befits Elektras appearance. This includes the logo that denounces above the reels, where it appears alternately with important information about the game.
The symbols on the reels have been redesigned showing various weapons and other utensils from Electra. These include ninja stars, crossbows, daggers, bandages, pendants, and correspondingly designed 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A characters. Each one looks sharp when the rollers are stationary and convince especially in their animations.
The game has 50 paylines that offer much more winning options than the old version. Combining the possible choice of coin values, coins per line and the number of coins you can set a bet between 1 cent and 1000 euros. This means that every player gets their money's worth here, no matter what their budget is: The Elektra gaming machine fulfills all requirements.
The features of the slot machine Elektra
The Elektra symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. It is considered wild and can replace all other symbols except the Scatter symbol. During free spins, the symbol spreads across all positions of the reel, further increasing the odds of winning.
Three or more logos of Electra trigger the free spins round, their number depends on the choice of the weapon, which plays a special role in this. The double dagger gives you 10 free spins, the ninja star gives 14 games with a 2x multiplier, and the crossbow brings you 7 free spins, all prizes taken 4 times. During the free spins, the symbols of the unselected weapons are replaced by the ones you choose.
As this is a Marvel Slot, the very popular Mystery Progressive Jackpot is also part of the repertoire. This will fire randomly and then show you a screen with 20 fields. You have to uncover fields here until you find 3 identical logos. You then win the Power, the Extra Power, the Super Power or Ultimate Power Jackpot - depending on the characters found.
Elektra is one of the newest games in the Marvel series and you can tell. The design team has created a game world that fits perfectly into the comic book world. The combination of features, progressive jackpots and generous betting options make Elektra a really worth playing machine.
The free video slot available to you without registration consists of 5 reels and 20 paylines. The playing card characters appear as standard symbols. They are the least remunerated. Next, the special weapon of sexy heroine comes into play. These are throwing star, bow, chain and bracelet. The focus is on two sais. Of course, this does not end the series of game symbols. At Elektra also the special symbols are present. No surprise that Elektra himself occurs as a wild symbol. The winnings do not bring them, but it completes the paylines because their mission is to replace the missing symbols on an active line. The Wild appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. Electro's special weapons act as scatters and have to do with free spins. This symbol triggers the Weapons bonus. There are three weapons in front of you, one of which you must choose. Accordingly, you can receive up to 14 free spins with additional multipliers. The scatter symbol can not be replaced by anything.
A highlight is the progressive jackpot. The jackpot bonus game starts randomly on the reels. A box contains 20 squares. You have to click on the squares and find three similar jackpot symbols. 
All this looks very attractive and does not sound any worse, because the graphics and sound effects on the online slot are excellent.
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