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12:51 PM   [21 Dec 2018 | Friday]

Common Causes of Abnormal Noise in Paddy Cleaner Equipment(二)

Common causes of abnormal noise in Paddy Cleaner(LIANGGONG) equipment are:

1. The iron core is loose. When the motor is running, the iron core fixing bolt is loose due to vibration, and the iron core silicon steel sheet is loose, and noise is emitted. The small details of the parts are all repaired by small repairs. Some commonly used parts are loosened by the machine. A part of the operation is not working properly.

2. Others are due to factors such as partial pop-up of the wedge of paddy cleaner equipment, vibration, and long bolts on the bearing cap. It is also part of the cause of noise. It is necessary to check the parts of the flour machine in time to see if there are any loose parts. Add lubricant.

3. The three-phase windings may have abnormal grounding, short circuit or poor contact, which may cause abnormal noise in the paddy cleaner equipment. If the sound is very dull, the motor is seriously overloaded or lacks phase operation, and the power supply and the pressure check of the power are well done. Some equipments are too large in power to cause the machine to be out of range due to excessive power, causing damage to the machine.

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